He Will Take Care of Your Heart

As long as you hold onto your Quran, you will be all right.

As long as you come back to your Quran, you will be all right.

Love Allah with all of your heart- not half, not partially- all of it. No one will be kinder to you as Allah is. No one will show you mercy as much as Allah will.

Only He can pull you out of your stress, confusion and distress. Only He can answer your prayers, grant you your wishes and unspoken desires. Only Allah knows what’s taken hold of your heart, what’s keeping your mind occupied and what you are truly striving for.

Turn to Him using His Speech, His Book, and pray to Him using the prescribed prayers, the hours where you know He will respond to your call, whether early in the morning or the middle of the night.

Ask Allah and you will be blessed. Ask Allah and He will take care of your heart.

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