No More Boredom

If you have chosen to devote yourself to the memorisation of the Quran then you’ll completely erase any boredom from your life as you will always be busy with either reciting, reviewing or reflecting on what you’ve memorised.

With such a goal, you will always wake up to accomplishing something great as the Quran will become the coolness of your eyes, nurture your soul and heart and your life will blossom beautifully in an entirely different direction than wherever you are right now.

The greatest gift that accompanies the recitation of the Quran is that your heart becomes more attached to Allah, you start living your life for the sake of Allah, your heart remains conscious of Allah no matter where you go, you go to sleep while your heart is at peace with the remembrance of Allah, and nothing takes you away from His remembrance because that’s all your heart and mind are truly busy with.

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