You’re Not Stuck

Ever find yourself stuck with a certain verse, a certain Surah, and you just somehow cannot move beyond it? Don’t be sad over this, there’s hidden blessing in getting stuck over the ayaat of the Quran.

Allah has chosen that verse for you to repeat it and increase your good deeds- as we know that every letter of the Quran is worth 10 good deeds. The more you repeat the verses, the greater the reward you accumulate.

You’re not stuck- you’re being rewarded.

It is really not easy to persevere with something you are struggling with, unless Allah has made it easy for you.

The more you ponder and reflect over the verses of Quran, the better your life becomes. Your life, time, actions, speech and even silence will be blessed and you will be surrounded by the mercy of your Lord.

And the best part? There’s no stopping with the Quran- a new khitma follows the old one.

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