Slow Down with the Quran

Recite it slowly, and pay attention to your recitation. If you’ve been taught the rules of tajweed then stick to them no matter what you’re going through or dealing with. If you get used to skipping the rules here and there with excuses you’ll lose them over a period of time.

Work extra hard toward learning the meaning behind the Speech of Allah and honor it. Stay away from arguments and debates that only waste time and don’t increase in your knowledge.

Stick to the people of knowledge and build your vocabulary over time. If you don’t have a goal in mind, you’ll fail to get anywhere.

Plan out how much Quran you want to recite daily and during your lifetime. And then work on achieving your goal.

Quran is more than a Book, it is Healing for the troubled, Cure for the sick, Mercy for the sinner, and guidance for the lost. Life is short and we are half way through this year already. What happened to the speed of time?

Spend time with Quran as much as you spend it with your loved ones. Everyone else is bound to leave you except your good deeds.

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