Entire Quran in 15 Lessons

When you put your mind and heart into something, you will get it done.

One of my students, one of the best sisters that I’ve taught so far, completed Quran with me in 15 lessons. Well, one last lesson remains, and I am writing this post right before the final lesson happens.

She started off with an hour and a half lessons, and gradually her stamina increased over the weeks, where she’d be able to recite to me for 2 hours consistently. Last week, our sessions were for 3 hours, and then 2.5 hours respectively.

How is anyone able to focus on Quran without being distracted in our time? This is just one example I am sharing here to show you that you can achieve anything, even today, if you truly want it and put your heart into it.

Often time, it’s our heart that is inattentive or stuck elsewhere, which makes it harder for us to bring our mind to the present task at hand and be fully engaged with it.

You’ve to plan for it, and then narrow down your focus to the main thing you really, really want to master.

I’ve been teaching for over 13 years, and I feel humbled by this experience and grateful to Allah that He put the most beautiful souls with pure hearts on our path to remind us that we all can achieve our goals with patience and consistency.

Don’t let anything or anyone stop you, aim to do your best and like this sister, you will find yourself in a better place in a few weeks.

Take the first step now. Start reciting.

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