Your Quran Teacher

Your Quran teachers will help you remain focused on your tilawah/hifdh goals so it’s important to find the right one.
Ideally, your teacher should have enough time for you to recite and complete Quran in a good time. Don’t pick someone who will have your class/sessions for ages on end as it shouldn’t take you forever to complete the Quran.

For a fluent reciter, it must always take you less than 30 sessions with your teacher to complete the entire Quran. For someone just starting out, 30-35 sessions should be the maximum. This is of course for adults who are focused, driven and want to raise the bar with their tilawah.

Hifdh students need more time alone with their Quran so their sessions could get longer with their teachers. Again, find a teacher who pushes you forward and helps you in raising the bar for yourself.

Don’t drag these lessons forever- we’re not here for that long.

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