This website was given a space on the internet because, over the last decade, I didn’t see anything much dedicated to the devoted students and reciters of Quran. We needed to change this and there had to be a better way to connect with Quran as an individual and as well as a community.

I embarked on a journey and started exploring the world of memorisation, practiced and became fluent in the recitation of Quran and then created short posts to encourage and motivate others to do the same. So far, with the grace of Allah, it has worked – I came to the ah-ha moment that I could turn this small blog into a proper website and create more resources such as lectures, workbooks, worksheets and even e-books which would make the students of Quran think “Oh, this is what it feels like and this is how it is done!”

Nothing becomes easy without the Help of Allah. Always ask Him to guide your heart and steps.

About The Author

My name is Asmaa, I am a full-time author, teacher and mentor. Sometimes, also a public speaker, whenever the need arises to revive the Islamic courses.

Originally from Pakistan, I was born and raised in Kuwait, and so far, have spent over 3 decades in the Middle East. Being surrounded by a multicultural community, I became fluent in over three languages and the head start in Arabic as a speaker helped me in finding the right resources to study Quran when the time came.

Prophet Muḥammad ﷺ said:

وعليك بتلاوة القرآن وذكر الله عز وجل فإنه ذكر لك في السماء ونور لك في الأرض

“And upon you is to recite Qurʾan and remember Allah ʿAzza Wa Jall for indeed it would be (a cause of) your mention in the heavens and a light for you on the earth.”

[صحيح الترغيب والترهيب رقم الحديث ٢٨٦٨

My dream is to plant the seeds of love of Quran that I received from my parents, Allah have mercy on them, who have been carefully selecting, harvesting and guiding me throughout my life on principle matters of faith and hope which they themselves prized from their immense experience for the past 30 years, and now here I am, hoping that those plants will bear the right fruits for the future generations to come after us, who will reap the benefits of whatever we are sowing today.

And this is my dream, after all.

Feel like we can collaborate? Send me an email and let’s see what we can come up with!

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