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Entire Quran in 15 Lessons

When you put your mind and heart into something, you will get it done. One of my students, one of the best sisters that I’ve taught so far, completed Quran with me in 15 lessons. Well, one last lesson remains, and I am writing this post right before the final lesson happens. She started off …

Beware of these Mistakes

Reciters of Quran: Beware of these Mistakes × Memorising without reviewing. × Memorising without repetition of previous hifdh. × Scheduling long breaks during memorisation. × Having no proper plan for memorisation. × Procrastinating in memorisation and reviewing. × Memorising without paying attention to recitation of the Quran.


One hadith to motivate and raise your spirits while memorising Quran is the one where the noble Messenger of Allah ﷺ foretold how the parents of the guardians of the Quran will be honoured, crowned and elevated because of the efforts of their child or children to preserve the Quran in recitation and memorisation. عَنْ …

Guardians of the Quran 16

Quran lessons aren’t simply about teaching and listening to their tilawah. They’re about strategic management of human resources and micromanagement of the content. They include mentoring, training and character development. Don’t do it a disservice by just passing down the words – actively engage in growing and directing your community.

Recitation Time

Since some of us have more than a few days’ holidays here, I’ve made a list of Surahs that the sisters can pick from to recite to me on Telegram/WhatsApp. Please don’t neglect the Quran in the midst of panic and keep your eyes on how you want to meet your Lord.