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Recitation Time

Since some of us have more than a few days’ holidays here, I’ve made a list of Surahs that the sisters can pick from to recite to me on Telegram/WhatsApp. Please don’t neglect the Quran in the midst of panic and keep your eyes on how you want to meet your Lord.

A Cultural Practice

Some people associate the recitation of Quran culturally with death, and assume that Quran is a source of sad reminders and punishments alone. The reason behind this flawed perception is a blind cultural practice, that somehow became the norm among our people. Allah revealed the Quran to provide us with a guiding light, and heal …

No Might & Power Except Allah

There are things in life that will sadden and grieve you, but you won’t have the power or the ability to change them. Let not those things occupy your mind and cause you suffering, simply submit to your Lord and let Him take care of your affairs. Just say: لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله …

Challenging and Changing Times

Among the components of steadfastness: Living with the verses of the Quran in challenging and changing times Arming ourselves with knowledge and faith Quran is the greatest nourishment for our souls Knowledge and understanding begin with the Quran How are you going to benefit from Quran today?

Renewed Intentions

One way to the purification of the heart is by seeking knowledge whether by reading books or listening to lectures that connect you more to the teachings of the Quran. When Allah chose to guide His creation and bring them out of darkness into the light, He revealed a Book upon them to be read …

Never will Allah disgrace You

How can Allah abandon a person who never abandons His Book Whoever devotes himself to the Book of His Lord seeking His Pleasure and Grace, I’ll say to them what the mother of believers Khadijah رضي الله عنها said to Muhammad ﷺ: By Allah, Allah will never disgrace you.

The Way Forward

Do not wait to finish your work to find time for the Quran, rather, start your day with it. Allah will fill your time, work, efforts with blessings, and increase your spiritual energy that’ll pull you through any difficulty. We carry a burden daily, think a lot about the future and endure suffering over details …