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Entire Quran in 15 Lessons

When you put your mind and heart into something, you will get it done. One of my students, one of the best sisters that I’ve taught so far, completed Quran with me in 15 lessons. Well, one last lesson remains, and I am writing this post right before the final lesson happens. She started off …

Giving Quran Time

We are living in a time where everything has to be rushed, multitasking is the norm, and we find it difficult to sit still in silence. If you find yourself struggling with silence and patience, then pause and ask yourself, how is your heart feeling in this rush, hurry and haste? Are you still focused …

Quran After Ramadan

Now that you’ve completed the Quran in Ramadan (and even if you haven’t), you can start once more from the beginning and recite it in the blessed days of Shawwal. Short reminders benefit. Remind others too.

Reflect in Silence

There’s nothing that will have a deeper impact on your spiritual health than spending time in solitude with the Book of Allah. Over the weekend, try spending your time with Quran as follows: Select your favourite Surah. Read it’s summary, translation or tafseer. Recite it out loud. Reflect over the verses that capture your heart. …

Spiritual Retreats

Take plenty of breaks from the social media, the news, the social gatherings around you so you can recover yourself spiritually and emotionally. Spending time in solitude, especially with Quran and Dua, as that will act as a cover against setbacks in life . How can you make the most out of your spiritual retreats? …

Quran Will Make It Lighter

Whatever is overwhelming you in life, whatever burdens you are carrying on your shoulders and heart, staying close to the Quran will lighten your burdens for you. A closer, consistent relationship with the Quran will help you hold yourself together and regain the balance you’re to have in managing your priorities.

Translate Your Love into Action

If you want to memorise and revise your portion from the Quran, you must work on it daily, and for a good hour at the very least. If you’re timing yourself just to check off a goal on your daily tasks’ list- you need to re-align your intentions with the bigger purpose of your life …


Memorise,If you cannot memorise, then revise.If you cannot revise, then recite.If you cannot recite, then listen to the Qur’an. Just make sure that you maintain connection with it every day.