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Book: Healing for the Hearts

No matter how deep you find yourself immersed in sins, don’t delay the memorisation of the Qur’an, let it accompany you from this point forward. Live with the light of this Book, build your life around it, travel with it and study it alone or with other seekers of guidance. EPUB file:

Book: Quran is Your Companion

Make it a habit of always returning to Allaah and supplicating to Him. If you find your task difficult, ask Him to make it easy for you. You remembered something you want, ask Allaah to grant it for you if there is khayr in it in this Life and the Next. If you’re angry, seek …

Book: Reflections

Once you give up the illusion of control, and surrender your case to Allah, there’s an inner freedom in that moment that sighs emptyingly: Allah, I rest my case with you. You are not the master of the outcomes of your efforts. Give up your despairing. Come to Him broken and He will mend you …